Aeonium decorum “Cooperi”  is a perennial shrub with a ramification of 2 feet (60 cm), up to 3 inches (7.5 cm) in width and clustered on a thick branch, with an evergreen branch. The leaves are obovated, green, up to 5 cm (2 inches) long and 1.5 cm (0.6 inches) wide, litter red in full sole. The flowers rise above the leaves with small pink flowers.

Scientific Name

Aeonium decorum ‘Cooperi’

Scientific Classification

Family: Crassulaceae

Subfamily: Sedoideae

Tribe: Sedeae

Subtribe: Sedinae

Genus: Aeonium

Aeonium decorum ‘Cooperi’

How to grow Aeonium decorum “Cooperi”

Spread the Aeonium through cutting stems except unbranched species, which will die and spread out after flowering from seed. Usually, when the plant is active, use cuttings in the USDA Zones 9 to 11. Aeonium sleeps during the summer, cutting during the dormant season will not be successful. Every rosette leaf dies after it blossoms.

You can cut the stalk with a  clean sharp shears. Decide the length of the stalk that you want to take; it may be between 5-6 centimeters (12.5 to 15 cm) in the tree-like forms of bare stalks, or 0.5 centimeters (1.3 cm). Cut into the rosette of the leaf the stalk with the shears of the shears. If your stem is large and succulent, let your cutting end cure at a shaded location for at least three days. Fill a container, mixed and slightly damp, with drain trunks, half cactus and half Perlite. Cacti mixture with a succulent mixture of potting. Use a pot which is big enough to keep the cut. 5. In the root medium, place the cut in enough quantity to hold the cut. Put the cutting into bright indirect light, watering lightly once a week. When the Aeonium roots develop, regular watering begins. Let the top 2 cm of soil dry out thoroughly before watering again.

Aeonium decorum ‘Cooperi’

How to care for  Aeonium decorum “Cooperi”

If you get the right conditions for growth, Aeonium will take care of itself and thrive in neglect. If the temperature drops too low, your principal job is to move you from warm sun to shade or indoors. Aeonium has underdeveloped root systems since it stores its water in its leaves and trunks. Roots can be made along the trunks when the plant is bound to the pot or the trunks fall into the soil. Leggy branches tend to decrease and snap off by weight of the rosettes. The broken trunk can be repotted if this happens.

Aeoniums doesn’t like warm or dry weather. They can sleep and do not need water in the summer except in very dry conditions. Their leaves curl in extreme heat to prevent excessive water loss. Their real growth is from winter to spring when the temperatures are cool (65–75 ˚F / 18— 24 ˚C) and humid. Water in winter whenever the ground becomes dry. Test in an inch or two of your finger on the floor. Much humidity causes root rot or makes it sit on wet soil.

Aeonium decorum ‘Cooperi’