Aeonium var decorum. Guarimarense is a densely ramified evergreen shrub to 30 inches (75 cm) high. It is more sturdy than Aeonium decorum in all parts. The medium green leaves in bright shade show orange rosy tones with a red edge. The red coloring intensifies completely in full sun zones. In the late spring, an angled inflorescence climbs above the leaves with beautiful rose, stellar flowers.

Scientific Name

Aeonium decorum var. guarimarense

Common Name

Giant Houseleek

Scientific Classification

Family: Crassulaceae

Subfamily: Sedoideae

Tribe: Sedeae

Subtribe: Sedinae

Genus: Aeonium

Aeonium decorum var. guarimarense

How to grow Aeonium decorum var. guarimarense (Giant Houseleek)

Aeoniums don’t really like hot or dry weather. They can sleep in summer and need no water, except in very dry circumstances. Their leaves curl in extreme hotness to prevent excessive loss of water. It grows in humid shadow, but its true season is from winter to spring when the temperatures are cool (65–75˚F  / 18–24˚C)  and damp. When the soil has dried out, water is in the winter. Test your finger one to two centimeters into the soil. In order to cause root rot, too much humidity, or allow them to lie in the wet ground.

Aeonium decorum var. guarimarense

How to care for Aeonium decorum var. guarimarense (Giant Houseleek)

Aeonium has underdeveloped root systems as they store their water in their leaves and stems. The roots along your stalks can be produced, which you can see if the plant is bonded with pot or if the stalks fall and touch the soil. Leggy branches tend to fall by the weight of rosettes and snap off. You can re-pot the broken stem if that happens.

Aeonium decorum var. guarimarense