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Developing Aeonium Plants Indoors

Aeoniums are odd-looking succulent plants, with long, curving stems and rosettes of leaves that can regularly look so immaculate, you may think they were phony. You'd be pardoned in the event that you needed to contact one to tell on the off chance that it was genuine or rubbery plastic.

10 Inventive Succulent Container Ideas

1. Agave in a Garden PotSucculent plants make extraordinary, simple compartment nursery plants. They are low-upkeep, delightful and they come in staggering hues, a wide range of sizes, surfaces, and shapes. Agaves are lovely, striking and to some degree deadly, given their spikes, sharp tips, and conceivably lethal sap. Notwithstanding their

How To Care For Dolphin Succulents

How to care for Dolphin Succulents

Dolphin Succulents or String Of Dolphins Plant are extremely popular and still fairly hard. It's a cross-pollination between Senecio Rowleyanus, or the String of Pearls bunny succulents, and Senecio Articulatus, also known as the hot dog cactus. So how to care for dolphin succulents and what to expect if you

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