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Echeveria ‘Blue Curls’ produces rosettes to 10 inches wide with frilly-edged blue-green leaves that take on showy pink hues in spring and autumn. With wonderful waves of frilled to ruffled foliage, and good colour as well this is a stunning plant both in containers and in the garden. The foliage forms a rosette, very frilly and looking a lot softer than many succulents. Over time it will form a short thick stem. This is a succulent that grows well in full sun to light shade. Very decorative in appearance and it can be a real feature plant in a decorative pot.

Echeveria ‘Blue Curls’

Scientific Name

Echeveria ‘Blue Curls’

Echeveria ‘Blue Curls’

Scientific Classification

Family: Crassulaceae

Subfamily: Sedoideae
Tribe: Sedeae 
Subtribe: Sedinae
Genus: Echeveria

Echeveria ‘Blue Curls’
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