Echeveria ‘Bombycina’ is a hairy form with silvery blue leaves that will offset as it grows, early summer it produces beautiful bright orange flowers and whose green leaves become slightly red in winter. It is a hybrid between Echeveria setosa and Echeveria pulvinata. You could use it as indoor plant or in your garden. It needs a protection from frost.

Echeveria ‘Bombicina’

• Rosette  usually alone, regular and very similar to that of the Echeveria setosa.

 Short trunk

 Thick leaves , quite numerous, obovate, large part widened towards its beak, like the mother plant, but less detailed than those of the Echeveria pulvinata, covered with thick and long whitish hair.

• Flowers  between July and September and their floral stems vary in number, arise in the upper part of the rosette, erect or slightly oblique, provided with a fairly large number of leaves of medium size, alternate and also hairy, although inferior to those of Echeveria setosa, often reaching 10 cm, or even less,  which gives it the resemblance (and charm) of the Echeveria pulvinata.

Echeveria ‘Bombicina’

• Height can reach 100-500 cm in height within 5 to 10 years.•  Cares have the same care as most succulents. If it is grown in a pot, since the plant grows very compact and tends to occupy all the space of the pot, it is better to water by immersion, leaving the pot in water for a few minutes until the soil absorbs the necessary moisture. If we do it on land, we should try not to flood it or wet the leaves excessively. During the winter it is best to leave it almost dry and at the end of spring it is advisable to apply a low diluted nitrogen fertilizer every two weeks.

Scientific Name

Echeveria ‘Bombicina’


Echeveria x bombicina

Scientific Classification

Family: Crassulaceae

Subfamily: Sedoideae
Tribe: Sedeae 
Subtribe: Sedinae
Genus: Echeveria

Echeveria ‘Bombicina’