Haworthia truncata ‘Lime Green’ is a fascinating, stemless succulent that frames fan-formed groups. The square to rectangular stem sections are light green to lime green with dim green venation. The smoothed stem tips are rectangular in framework and contain windows of translucent tissue which enable light to enter further in the leaf. The inflorescence stalk is up to 12 inches (30 cm) tall and made out of white and cream, pendulous blossoms.

Scientific Name

Haworthia truncata ‘Lime Green’

Scientific Classification

Family: Asphodelaceae

Subfamily: Asphodeloideae

Tribe: Aloeae


How to Care For Haworthia truncata 'Lime Green'

How to Grow Haworthia truncata ‘Lime Green’

Cultivation and Propagation: Not hard to develop, however it isn’t quickly developing and takes quite a long while to frame attractive heads. Haworthias are receptive to contrasting social conditions both as respects shading, length and state of leaves, rate of development and size of plant.

Soil: It grows best in sandy-gritty soil and requires good drainage as it it is prone to root rot.

Exposition: Keep cool and shaded in summer, and give areas diffuse daylight or light shade, it can endure shade, cover from direct sun amid the most sweltering hours. In shade the body shading will remain generally green, while full sun will obscure a bit. Can be sunburned whenever moved from shade/nursery into full sun too rapidly. The measure of daylight it can withstand without searing relies on the how sweltering it moves toward becoming in the mid year in the region in which it is planted. Amid the spring it might most likely take full sun until the warmth touches base toward the finish of spring. In a zone that has hot evening sun, it might almost certainly take full morning sun, yet requires evening shade or evening light shade.Propagation: Seeds, offsetts or leaves and roots cutting. Counterbalances that show up at the base between the leaves; abandon them joined to frame a bunch, or hold up until they are 1/3 the extent of the parent and afterward isolate and plant. Cuttings root effectively and stay consistent with the species, while seeds will in general hybridize.

How to Care For Haworthia truncata 'Lime Green'

How to Care For Haworthia truncata ‘Lime Green’

Frost Hardy: Light frost protection required.It needs a minimum temperature of concerning 5°C (But can take a light-weight frost and is hardy all the way down to -5(-7)° C for brief periods if it’s in dry soil).USDA zones 9A – 11.In areas susceptible to frost, grow in associate intermediate greenhouse or conservatory, in pots.

Light: Partial shade

Soil: It grows best in sandy-gritty soil and needs good drainage because it’s susceptible to plant disease.

Watering: Water normally in the developing season, yet stay away from water-logging and let dry between watering, they should never dry out totally amid the rest time frame. Whenever developed in a holder, base watering by inundating the compartment is prescribed. It must have extremely dry air.

Fertilization: The plants are fertilized only once during the growing season with a balanced fertilizer diluted to ½ the recommended strength.

Pests and diseases: is also prone to mealybugs and infrequently scale.

Remarks: Haworthias are best planted in a shaded and breezy piece of the nursery, and not very near the glass rooftop or sides of the house as the plants can overheat amid hot spells.

Haworthia and Haworthiopsis will deliver blooms, for the most part half a month after the “longest day” of the year, for example in Summer. Anyway the blossoms aren’t exceptionally energizing, in spite of the fact that in light of the fact that Haworthia and Haworthiopsis are moderate and minimal plant very little happens outwardly amid the year along these lines the blooming time frame can be an appreciated treat to demonstrate that your plant is really “alive”.

When you re-pot your Haworthia or Haworthiopsis, you can isolate the counterbalances from the parent. Utilize a sharp blade and slice as near the parent plant as could be allowed, guarantee the balance has a few roots. Trust that the counterbalance will evaporate somewhat then pot in a little holder utilizing a standard preparing or desert flora fertilizer blend. Water and keep warm.

How to Care For Haworthia truncata 'Lime Green'