Succulents are delightful little plants that boast a variety of fun colors, textures, and shapes. They are sometimes said to “thrive on neglect,” and while they definitely don’t require much fussing over, it’s still best to know what they like and what they don’t. While planting succulents is pretty straightforward, there are a few things that will help ensure your succulents grow healthy.

This article will point out a few tips that aren’t very well known, but make a big difference.

Here are 3 tips for succulent growing and care:

1. Plant above the Rim

A very common mistake people make when planting succulents is placing the succulents inside the pot which doesn’t mean roots, it means plants. If your soil is below the rim of the pot, water can easily pool up. The leaves inside the pot will quickly rot from the water and that can cause problems for the rest of the plant. The soil goes to the top of the pot and the succulents are above.

2. Pack It Tight

When planting succulents close together they grow more slowly so they maintain the original design of the arrangement better. It can be trickier to water them when they are close together. But, especially if you’re designing the arrangement as a gift or for an event, this is really great way to plant your succulents.

You can also leave a little more space between your succulents and they’ll grow a little quicker (although they are pretty slow growers in general) and over time they’ll fill in. This is a great option if you’d like for your plants to get bigger or reproduce on their own more easily. If you are just starting out with succulents, then take this slightly spaced out approach.

3. Let Succulents Hang over the Edge of Your Pot

To make your arrangement a little more interesting, place some succulents so they hang over the edge of your pot. You can use trailing succulents (such as “String of Pearls“) that actually hang over the side of the pot, or just let the leaves of your rosette cover the edge of the pot. This will be a good way to make your succulentslook good and also add more style to the overall look of your pot, and plant in general.

Also, succulents like to get proper care, and with that they will give you the value you require from them, so why waste money, when a simple care can enhance the look of your garden.

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