A lot of you are perhaps struggling to even keep your succulents alive so these are important tips on how to avoid killing your succulents.

Use containers with drainage holes

Tip number one: use containers with drainage holes. Do you know that the easiest way to kill the succulents is by over watering so if you use containers without draining holes, the top soil might look and feel dry but at the bottom the soil is still wet. Therefore if you add more water, the roots of your succulents will be sitting on a soggy soil for longer period. Remember that succulents are water retaining plants. They store water in their leaves stems and roots. They cannot stand sitting on a soggy soil or else they will rot. You will notice that the leaves will become soggy and they will start to fall off and eventually died.

Well draining soil

Tip number two: use a well draining soil. Succulents come from an environment that does not have a lot of nutrients in water so we need to recreate that environment when we make our potting mix and the formula that you can consider is a combination of 1/2potting soil 1/4 perlite and 1/4 coarse sand and perlite will improve the drainage and help prevent the soil from becoming compact. To make sure that the soil will not hold too much water, the coarse sand will also improve the drainage of the soil and prevent it from becoming compact. Also it will mimic the kind of sandy and rocky soil where the succulents naturally grow and the potting soil will provide essential nutrients that they need in order to grow well.

Soil must be completely dry

Tip number three: always make sure that the soil is completely dry before I water again. If not sure, you can feel the soil with your finger and if it is still soft or a little bit moist, wait for a few more days until you can feel that the soil is rough and completely dry before you water. It is very helpful to use a watering can with elongated spouts because you can access the soil directly without watering the leaves. Succulents love a good soak rather than just sips of water. So to ensure that they receive adequate amount of water, wait for the soil to absorb the water and then repeat it again for several times until you can see that the water is coming out at the bottom of the container.

Try to avoid watering the leaves especially in the morning. Water drops can settle on the leaves of your succulents. That can act like a magnifying glass that can intensify the heat that it receives from the Sun and can cause some sunburn. Your location plays an important role in how much and how often you water so if you live in a dry climate, you might need to water every three to four days but if you live in an area with higher humidity, you might need to water maybe just once a week or even lesser.


Tip number four: sunlight. Succulents need at least six hours of sunlight every day. These colorful arrangements will slowly revert back to green the moment you place this indoors without adequate lighting. So if you are bringing them indoors, make sure that you place them near the window where they can receive adequate amount of sunlight or else they will elongate and their leaves from spread apart in search for sunlight.