Dolphin Succulents or String Of Dolphins Plant are extremely popular and still fairly hard. It’s a cross-pollination between Senecio Rowleyanus, or the String of Pearls bunny succulents, and Senecio Articulatus, also known as the hot dog cactus. So how to care for dolphin succulents and what to expect if you were to purchase one online. Usually Dolphin Succulents or String of dolphins come either bare-root or in a pot.

For some States in United States, they require bare root shipping through the USDA. So you receive a plant that is already potted. During the cold winter months, they are included heat packs to make sure these plants arrive safely.

How to repot Dolphin Succulents

To repot this plant, you want to make sure you have a container, a pot that has a drain on the bottom. This is very important not only for succulents. Most plants require good drainage, definitely for succulents like Dolphin succulents or String of dolphins. So you want to take your plant and massage the bottom just a little bit and that’ll allow the plant to slide out without damaging the roots too much.

It is recommend you do not go more than two to three inches for each pot size so preferably use a four inch pot. To make the clay pot looks a little bit nicer so you want to put just a little bit of soil on the bottom. Dolphin succulents actually like a little bit more water than most succulents, so do not treat it like a cactus. If you notice that the leaves are starting to shrivel a little bit, you are probably under watering.

You still do want to let it go completely dry between watering. When you want to repot the Dolphin succulents, you can add soil around the pot and bury a few leaves. Do not pack the soil in. You want to just kind of tap it and let it settle into those air pockets. if you pack it in too tight, the plant will have trouble growing so that is how you pot up your potted Dolphin succulents now.

How to care for Dolphin Succulents

How to repot bare root Dolphin Succulents

If you receive a bare root one, it’s very similar process. Most of the states that are going to get bare root plants are warmer states like California and the Western States in United States for instance. So you have a bare root plant that still has a very nice root structure. They do look smaller when they are bare root because there is no pot attached.

Firstly, you want to have a pot with nice loose filled potting soil. If you can buy a cactus succulent mix, that would be good. Just massage that soil back and forth, do not push down. When you are doing this, make a nice divot. Work your plant in, give it a little shake. If you need to, you can add a little bit more around. Make sure that all of the roots are covered before water in.

You want to water them until the water runs through. Make sure they are in a very sunny location. They do love the Sun. If you do not have them in enough Sunlight, they can lose that nice dolphin leaf shape so it is important to have them in plenty of sunlight via a window. The plants will get quite long and large over time. This would make a great hanging basket plant or a plant for a macrame hanger. If the runners get very long, trim them back can be helpful. When those runners get really long, it takes more water to move all the way down to the end of the plant and the plant will dry out much faster so do not be afraid to give them a haircut. They will actually branch and be happier. They will flower for you and the flowers are unique with an interesting clove fragrance. It is a really fun plant.