Jade plant (Crassula Ovata) is one of the most popular house plants in the world. They originally come from South Africa and they’re fast growers. They are beautiful.

Containers For Jade Plants

Firstly, about what container the Jade plants should be in. These plants do best in a terra cotta pot if possible, they also 100% no exception need drainage in their pots. They do not like to be water logged so if you do not have adequate drainage for them, they will likely rot. You also should not put any gravel or anything in the bottom. You don’t want to impede any of the water draining out of the bottom.

How Often To Water

So you want to have a well draining soil, a good succulent mix. Add about 50percent perlite to it and a couple handfuls of worm castings. When you water this plant, you want to really drench it and have it pour out of the bottom and then you’re gonna let it 100% dry. If you place these plants outside for the summer, only water that equals about every seven to ten or twelve days. Depending on how hot it is outside. And then you do it again if they’re inside, it might be more around two weeks. It really depends on your climate in the winter you are to claw back watering quite a bit.

If the plants are really thirsty, the leaves will start to wrinkle a little bit but ideally you want to water plants before they get to that part to that point because that means they’re water stressed. And that is okay to do once in a while but you don’t want make it a habit. You can prune the plant during the growing season.

Fertilizer For Jade Plants

In terms of fertilizer, probably do it like once at the beginning of the growing season and maybe once later in the summer. You can also put worm castings in because they work as a great nutrient source and then lastly the light requirements.

Light Requirements

These Jade plants like to be in really high light. For instance, you can place them at the bottom layer of your greenhouse, so they get some shade from the other plants and the trays that the plants are sitting on the racks. Some beautiful Sun stressing is not harmful for the plants. They can get beautiful pink tips and underneath the leaves, they go purple. The variegated one does grow slower and needs slightly less light than the non variegated version but both like to be in a lot of Sun.

If you have a smaller plant, you would be a bit more careful about the Sun if you’re outside. A small plant has very little protection and it can get burnt and the leaves are falling off. This small plant needs to recover and it will take a while for it to look beautiful again but the younger plants are more susceptible to sunburn. Once you’ve got a sunburned leaf, there’s no coming back because it destroys the cell structure of the of the leaf so perhaps you can let that sunburned plant drops its leaves as it’s ready and then hopefully new growth will come in.