There are a few factors to consider when it is time to water your haworthia succulents. The first factor to consider is how long has it been since their last watering. Depending on the time of year, they could need water every week, or every two to three weeks. So that is the first thing that you should consider.

Next, you must know the actual weight of the pots. When your pots are adequately watered, you know the weight of them and how they feel and you also know when they are dry. So that give you another idea of the watering situation at hand.

Check appearance of the leaves

The third thing to consider which is the most important, is how do they look. What is the appearance of their leaves in the windows? Are the leaves shriveled up? Do they have that nice shine haworthia succulents suppose to have in the windows? Typically you have to know what is going on in those regards. So if they are well watered, they will have a nice shine to them. The leaves will be plump.

Depending on the variety, but those are typical standards you can go by. Sometimes the leaves of haworthia succulents are dull. You have to factor in the weight of the pot and how long it has been since they were watered and may probably need water. So the overall appearance of some haworthia succulents may appear dull. They could be a little peppier. When you have a tray of haworthia succulents, you need to care about the entire tray as a whole. How long it has been since they were watered? How much they weigh? What are their appearances? Especially when you do not water each plant individually.

Bottom watering haworthia succulents

For instance, if you bottom water your haworthia succulents. When you pour the water directly into the bottom of the tray, make this essentially a passive hydroponic tray. You only put about a quarter of a gallon of water into the bottom of the tray, and then each plant will only take up the amount of water that it needs. As long as you do not leave them sitting in there too long and overwater it, every plant will get the amount of water that they need regardless of the size of their pot.

Put only the amount of water required

Ideally you would have these in all the same size pots and that would make this a better system. When you let your succulents in standing water, the succulents do get root rot. Succulents do not like wet feet and you should never overwater your succulents because they will get root rot. However, you only put the amount of water in there they need. They do not sit in the water and this method can work very well. For beginners, a suggestion is to take one or a couple of plants. Put them in individual saucers. Bottom watering those until you get the hang of it.

Usually the haworthia succulents are watered regardless of the substrate. So whether it’s soil or soil-less, you can still bottom water them. Every now and then, you can water from the top, just to try to wash away the calcium, the deposits at the top, that evaporates off of the rock.

How To Grow And Care For Haworthia Suculents

How to water haworthia succulents

So when you have considered all of those factors for the whole tray, you consolidate all those factors together. Come up with average in your mind and decide whether your haworthia succulents need water or not. When all the criteria are met for the majority of the plants, it is time to water. Just simply take a quarter gallon of water. Pour it directly into the tray and let the plants sit in water for about two hours. You can periodically come back and check on them. Just let the capillary action do its thing and the plants will pull the water up and get what they need. The watering is done for the day. Any standing water that is left behind, simply suck it out with a turkey baster. Also take note, if you put the quarter of a gallon of water in the tray, and it seems like the haworthia succulents are drinking it up really quick. The water is not going to be enough, you can simply add a little bit more water.