Haworthia is a very easy growing succulents. Can grow in any conditions. It is one of the drought resistant, forgiving plants . It’s care is very easy.

Like all succulents, haworthia need to have the soil dry out all the way to the bottom of the pot before more water is added. Then when you do water, water enough so that you get a run-off from the drainage holes. If the run off is less than 1/4″ you can leave it in the saucer; more than that you can empty.

Haworthias like good light indoors, so they should be placed near a south or west window. Also, make sure to use a good, fast-draining potting mix, if you repot the plant. DO NOT use “moisture retentive” or “moisture managing” potting mixes, they hold too much moisture, and roots are in danger of rotting. You can use a cactus mix, and mix it half-and-half with perlite.

How much water is need for Haworthia

To return to watering, the most important thing is to learn how to test the moisture in the soil. For a succulent, soil dug from the bottom of the pot will feel the tiniest bit cool – in other words, not scratchy dry (which is soil that is completely dry) – bit close to it. A moisture meter will read only a couple of notches up from dry; a dowel will feel dry, or nearly so.

Tips for growing Haworthia:

Do watch out for excess water accumulating between the leaves. If the leaves begin to look more elongated and the form less compact after a few months, you may need to place them in a sunnier spot. they are most happy when they send out a raceme of flowers – though they are not that showy. 

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