How to take care your string of pearls plant, how to repot a string of pearls plant and then also how to propagate it? These are common questions by beginners to grow this houseplant.

String of pearls prefer bright indirect light

The first thing to keep in mind with your string of pearls houseplant, is that it prefers bright indirect light. The cool thing about this succulent plant is that it can handle lower light and it is not going to stretch like a lot of other succulents do. That is one of the benefits of this effect as opposed to other succulents. As far as finding a spot in your house for your string of pearls to go, you want to keep it away from any doors or air vents where there are fluctuations in temperature. Whether they be cold or hot, this plant does not do well with fluctuating temperatures like that. So just keep that in mind.

Do not over watering

A common problem with people losing their string of pearls plants is over watering. This plant develops root rot a lot more quickly than a lot of other plants. Under watering it is a little bit better than overwatering it. Just because of that root problem, it can bounce back from a drought. A really easy way to tell it needs watering, is if you look closely at some of the bottom curls, like closest to the roots of the plant. You can see that they are shriveling and wrinkly. Once those are struggling and wrinkly is when you can water it. That means that it is starting to use its saved water.

Trim long dangly bits

So when you are repotting the plant, there are two options for repotting it. Option number one is to trim away all of these long dangly bits just to the point where they start hanging over the pot so that you do not really have to worry about them. The cool thing is if you do it this way, you can actually propagate the plant in water or you can simply fold all of the edges over on itself and repot it that way. In that way you are not having to worry about all of these dangly bits getting in the way.

Use plant food

This is actually a really awesome tip to repotting any hanging vining plants so you are going to have minimal pearl loss this way. This plant is not really a heavy feeder but during the growing season which is the warmer months, it is definitely going to need some plant food. You can use as FOMA cactus plant food and just feed it about once a month while you are watering. This does not happen often, but if you notice some sparse growth on the newer bits of vine that are hanging down, you can go ahead and trim it back and this will promote bushier growth. The top of your plant is going to get bushy.

Water propagation

Aand again when you are trimming the plant back like that, you can definitely water propagate those bits as well. So how you can propagate is water propagation. When you see there are some hefty roots forming after you started propagating, this means the plant is growing pretty long so it is getting a lot of new growth there. What you are going to do when you are propagating is you are going to pick a point on the vine. You can usually pick a point right where the pot starts and then you are going to twist the little pearls off one by one, being very gentle you do not want to pull the pearl off. Otherwise you will break the stem so just a simple little twist will do the trick.

You can usually pull off about four or five beads. Be sure to keep these all together and do not lose any of them because they are toxic to pets and children. So you just want to make sure that nobody is eating these. You can stick this stem in a glass container all by itself. Give it in some room temperature water, stick it in some bright indirect light.

Trim off the flowers

Something else to consider about this plant is when it is happy, it will flower. The flowers actually look like these little fluffy balls kind of look like dandelions and they are just going to dry out and fall off. These are honestly are not very prominent flowers. They are a sign that this plant is very happy. You can go ahead and just trim off the flowers so the plant can focus its energy on to growing and new pearls.

Requires quick draining soil

If you want it to be a little bit bushier so once your plant has formed roots in water, you are going to repot it. To do this, you are just going to fill the bottom of your new container with soil. Preferably very heavy in perlite like like half perlite, half regular potting soil so that it drains very quickly. This plant does require quick draining soil.

So what you are going to do is fill up your pot to about one quarter of the pot, in case you are using a very small one. You may want these to be able to hang over the edge and dangle down quite a bit. Then you are going to pull out the cluster of pearls and kind of evenly distribute them between your hands. Wrap the roots around the bottom of the pot, depending on how long your roots are. You can go ahead and sprinkle more soil on top gradually and you can fidget with the pot to make sure the plant is laying how you like it to lay and add more and more soil until they are firmly pressed into the soil then you are going to water very well.