Sansevierias are succulents although some of them are maybe better called semi-succulent, the thinner leaved ones like the common snake plant varieties(types of Sansevieria trifasciata).

While they like to dry out between watering, they don’t like to stay dry for very long, but long enough to fully dry all the soil.

For most plants, that would be about a week after the surface of the soil appears and feels dry. Very large pots, maybe longer. Cooler weather, longer between watering.

They don’t really like cold all that much, so keep them above 45 or 50, although it probably varies with the species; some may be a bit more cold sensitive. More heat and brighter light, like in summer, you can keep them fairly moist, but never constantly wet.

Some of the more unusual Species and hybrids of Sansevierias with fat leaves can be treated more like true succulents, but being dry for super long periods(many weeks) might burn their roots and set them back, and possibly invited root rot. These types should be watered before or just as they noticeably shrivel.

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