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The best method to propagate succulents

The best method to propagate succulents

Most succulents can be propagated from leaves and from stem cuttings. The stem of the plant in the photo also has roots sprouting from the stem. Many succulents will propagate from parts of a leaf, and some, such as Kalanchoe “mother of thousands”, small plantlets grow on the margins of the leaves.

How To Take Care A String Of Pearls Houseplant

How To Take Care String Of Pearls Houseplant

How to take care your string of pearls plant, how to repot a string of pearls plant and then also how to propagate it? These are common questions by beginners to grow this houseplant.String of pearls prefer bright indirect lightThe first thing to keep in mind with your string of pearls houseplant, is that it

What to do with elongated succulents

What to do with elongated succulents

What are you doing to do with your elongated succulents? You might wonder why they elongate. They elongate because they do not receive enough sunlight and this is common when the succulents are grown indoors or placed in the shade. As they search for sunlight, they can grow taller and

How to propagate succulents from leaves

These are important tips on how to successfully propagate succulents from leaves. First of all, choose a location where succulent can receive more than eight hours bright indirect sunlight every day. Also, ensure the succulents are protected from harsh noontime light from a distance.How to multiply succulents by propagationBy


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