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Easiest Succulents For A Newbie

Easiest Succulents For A Newbie

Succulents are a lot of fun to grow both individually and grouped together in desert vignettes, using shallow bonsai dishes or ceramic bowls, driftwood, rocks, and gravel.Place the plants in your sunniest windows.While some, like Haworthia and Gasteria, do well with 3 hours of sun, the colorful ones, such as Echeveria and Graptopetalum, prefer at least 4 hours, and spiny

Soft Versus Hard Succulents

Soft versus Hard Succulents

There are so many types of succulents available it can be hard to know which ones you should grow.The succulents are divided into two major categories: soft succulents and hard succulents. Now, the definitions of those two things vary.SOFT SUCCULENTSFirst, let's talk about soft succulents. Soft succulents are those


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