Crassula ‘Buddha’s Temple’ can be quite difficult for people to look after. You read a lot online about people who are really struggling with them either they are rotting, crumbling down or losing lots of the lower leaves which kind of just keeps going on and on and on. They are quite tricky to look after and like specific care instructions.

Man-made hybrid

These are some tips in case you’re struggling or if you’ve got one. First, it’s a man-made hybrid of Crassula pyramidalis and Crassula perfoliata var minor. Therefore it is a man-made hybrid. So that in itself, often introduces little issues because obviously it hasn’t had a lot of evolutionary time to kind of establish itself and one of the big issues with this plant are in the root system. It tends to be quite weak, fibrous root system that is quite hard to anchor into soil and can be just a little bit tricky.

The root systems

You’ll find that as these plants keep getting bigger and bigger, the root systems will struggle to keep up in terms of grounding it and supplying the moisture. That’s tricky to start with. They are quite fussy. They like a well-drained mix because they are very prone to rotting but the issue with that is they are not particularly succulent. If you put those into soil, they just don’t root. They’re not succulent enough to produce roots.

Use large stones to anchor

Another big issue is they don’t like going long without water. Because of that fact that they’re not particularly succulent. A lot of moisture are in the main stem so you’ve got a plant that’s prone to rot but it doesn’t like going to long without water so immediately you know alarm bells start going off. They can be quite hard to prop up because of the weak root system so you want to use some quite large stones and anchor them in place because this was really quite wobbly.

They like a lot of light but not scorching hot Sun hitting them all the time because they will burn. If you don’t give them consistent light, you will get inconsistencies in the way the plant looks.

Take care of mealy bug 

Another thing is it can be prone to mealy bug. Crassula ‘Buddha’s Temple’ has quite a good uniform structure especially after new growth during Spring and Summer. Mealy bug can be quite an issue with these plants because it’s a really tightly kind of held together leaf structure so if you get some mealy bug stuck in there then all you can do is douse it in alcohol or even dip it in alcohol and just hope that you get them off.

Take care of the long stems

Another thing you might find with this plant is they are gonna have really long stems. If you have issues in the past with the leaves kind of crumbling away from the bottom ,you just keep pushing the plant up so more of the stem ends up in the soil.