Once you have received a new plant from the store or received as a gift, do you repot or keep the plant in the same pot permanently? It is indeed a good idea to repot the newly acquired plants as quickly as possible.

This is why repotting is a good idea:

This plant should be converted into a well-drained cacti and succulent potted mix. Often, the potting mix plants retain too much water and are unfit for succulents and cacti. The plants can maintain their long term health by coming out of the nursery soil and into a more suitable environment.

When repotting, you will analyze the plant’s wellbeing more closely. The plant’s root structure can be verified to see if it is safe and if there‚Äôs a need to remove dead or infected roots. Dead or dry leaves can also be removed.

You can also look for pests and insects in the plant that may become unnoticed and may infect your other plants. You want to treat and isolate pests on the plant so that the infestation does not spread through other plants.

Choose a container or a planter that’s more appropriate. Part of the fun, where you pick a pot or a tub to position the plants. Ideally, a pot a few inches larger than the nursery pot it was made, so that the plant has space to grow, but not too big for the plant to risk sitting on the humid ground for too long. Many people opt to use the same nursery pot again, or you can make your options unique.

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