Watering succulents every once a week is fine. These are some tips and tricks on how to go about it and the four most important thing to know.

Succulents are desert plant which essentially means that they are used to grow in an environment where there is less water. Here is the way on how to water them.

For example if you take out the soil, you can know if this is a healthy succulent. See if the upper part of it is dry and the lower part of it is wet. In this case, do not put water. Even when the Succulent has been about one week since last watered, the lowermost roots can still be moist. Check if the upper part of soil about half inch is dry and lower of soil is wet.

The problem with succulents is that people tend to overwater them. Touch the upper layer of the soil it’s dry and should add more water. Since it is a desert plant they would do better with less water. Even if there is no water in two weeks, nothing would happen but when you water the plant that are not required, then they will definitely die.

Succulents are probably the easiest plants to grow. No need to take care too much of them. Generally the plants which are in bigger pots. The soil in bigger pots tend to hold moisture for a longer time, but if you look at these succulents that are much smaller in size and they would lose moisture more quickly.

Use a drainage disc or use the bigger drainage. The drainage disc is for using underneath these succulent pots. To water the succulents, here is another thing that must keep in mind is Sun. At least two to three hours of direct sun. Direct Sun means the Sun should be falling on the plant. Make sure that the succulents are exposed to sun regularly.

For example Haworthia. If you have forgetten to keep it in the Sun, it will be able to stand that for a longer time. Another example will be Echeveria. These petals will open up completely and then the leaves will start wilting and another problem with succulents a lot of people complained that they see these dried and dead leaves underneath. It’s alright this is just aging to mature. Matured leaves tend to dry up.  If there are lot of soggy leaves. then probably there is too much water.

A lot of discoloration in succulents happen because of over watering. Using a small kettle and a bottle to water. For succulents in small pots, put water to the soil and do not pour water on the leaves because pouring water on the leaves will support fungus or decay. Keep adding water until you see there is water at the bottom of the drainage disc. Make sure the water has started coming out into the drainage disc.

Fill some water in in the drainage disc plate and by capillary action, the succulent plants are going to pick more water so the base roots will get a good soak of water for five minutes. Next, you can take out the plants in small pots from the drainage disc plate and drip the water out.

All succulents have very tiny roots and if you keep them stagnated with water they will die and these small roots are important for succulents to establish the results. So even if you forget to water your succulent for a long time like over 14 days, it’s okay. Just don’t water them too much.