1. Avoid touching the leaves/flowers with your fingers. The oils can sometimes be harmful.
  2. Without enough sunlight, it will stretch and become “leggy” and less compact, which is considered unattractive. With too much sunlight, you will notice a brown literal sunburn on the leaves. It depends on the type of succulent you have, but the best plan is usually lots of indirect sunlight. You can adjust the light based on their behavior in this condition.
  3. Your succulent should be in a pot that has good drainage – a hole in the bottom, and loose soil. I like to put pebbles in the bottom of my pot, then add Miracle-Gro Cactus Palm Citrus Potting Soil . Be sure to leave enough soil for the roots to be comfortable and have room to grow, though.
  4. Don’t. Over. Water. Do not over water. If you over water, you will get “root rot” which is almost impossible to come back from. The plant gets brown and squishy. The rule to use: continue pouring water until you see it flow out of the pot, so all the soil is soaked. You should not water again until the soil is completely dry. It is better to forget to water it than to water it too often. They really don’t require too much maintenance (a plus in my book).
  5. Succulents can be temperamental, or sometimes have specific needs and conditions.. its important and helpful if you research what your plant likes and grows best in. You can honestly just google a description of your succulent, match it to photos, and usually that puts you on a good track.
  6. Succulents can be difficult… Do not stress if it doesn’t go well the first time  it takes practice and patience.

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