How to care for succulents in the winter time? If you live somewhere where it gets below 30 to 40 degrees outside, you will need to bring your succulents indoors. If you are unable to bring them indoors, you can go to frost cloth such as a protective yard and garden cover or use a bedsheet to drape over your succulents.

Some succulents do very well with a frost cloth but some do not. So if you have a few outside that you can repot that would be ideal. Depending on where you live, you want to start the process of bringing them indoors around September to October. Before bringing them indoors, be sure to remove any dead foliage from your succulents as this can cause fungus and harvest insects like ants or mealybug.

Mealy bug has an appearance of little pieces of white cotton in between its leaves. If you notice mealy bug, you can use a two-to-one ratio of 91% rubbing alcohol and water and spray it on the leaves. You can also take a q-tip and dip it in the rubbing alcohol and put it straight on the leaf. It will then evaporate and it doesn’t hurt the succulent at all.

Another good rule of thumb before moving your succulents inside, is to water them thoroughly. In the winter, some succulents go dormant so they don’t need as much water as in the summer time. Having a well draining soil will help them get the water they need and they store it and their leaves roots and stems and until they are ready to be watered again.

A good rule of thumb is only water when the soil is completely dry especially in the winter time and now it’s time to move them inside. The last thing you got to think about is light. You want to find a west-facing window sill that gets about six hours of light a day. If you notice your succulents are stretching, they’re trying to find more light. You can use a grow light to help them. Just make sure if you’re using a grow light, don’t use it longer than 16 hours a day. When your succulents are in hibernation, you may notice your succulent rosettes are closing. The leaves are falling off or they are losing color. Don’t worry, they will continue to grow back in spring.

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