Plant Taxonomy

Plant taxonomy categorization groups Chocolate Drop stonecrop as Sedum ‘Chocolate Drop’. ‘Chocolate Drop’ is the cultivar name. Albeit actually, “stonecrop” is utilized in the plant’s regular name, the plant sort name Sedum adequately serves as an other normal name, being exceptionally conspicuous among even just reasonably sincere nursery workers.

Plant Type

Sedum ‘Chocolate Drop’ is a herbaceous perennial. It is also considered a succulent.

“Succulent” is a term with a wide application. It not only includes the various types of stonecrops but also such plants as:

Succulents can store water in their foliage and stems, which is the reason they will in general oppose dry season so successfully. The water content in their leaves and stems helps represent their inclination “beefy.”

“Succulent” is likewise utilized, obviously, in the realm of food, where it signifies “delicious.” The cover between this utilization and the manner in which the term is utilized in the plant world ought to be evident: both allude to dampness content.


This succulent with the sweet-sounding name puts out flowerheads of pink blossoms for me in zone 5 in July. Be that as it may, developing Chocolate Drop sedum isn’t generally about the blooms. It determines its brilliant cultivar name from its best component, which is its leaves.

The plant develops in a cluster, which includes numerous stems of a rosy purple shading. As the bunch grows, the quantity of such things will increment. Leaves of a dull purple shading (some green is blended in, as well, in the event that you look into close) enclose the stems. From a separation, what you fundamentally observe is a dull plant: that is the employable word here.

Chocolate Drop sedum develops to around one foot in stature; at development, its spread might be twice that.

Planting Zones

Types of the Sedum variety are indigenous to different districts of the Northern Hemisphere. This specific cultivar is recorded as being growable in planting zones 4-8.

Sun and Soil Requirements

Develop this dim hued succulent in full sun to fractional shade. The plants develop best in a sandy topsoil soil that is well-depleted and poor-to-average fruitlessness.

Uses in Landscaping

Those of you acquainted with succulents won’t be astonished to discover that this plant is an “ideal example” for shake gardens. It additionally makes a fine edging plant; with its dull shading, it would set off a stone walkway involved light-hued stones pleasantly. These warmth safe perennials give you an alluring alternative for those sun-beat spots in the yard where just full-sun plants will work.


Chocolate Drop sedum is among the plants that draw in butterflies. Luckily this is a deer safe lasting and furthermore isn’t mainstream among bunnies.

Outstanding Features

On a tasteful level, what is most vital is that Sedum ‘Chocolate Drop’ is one of the purported “dark plants.”

On a handy level, it is one of the dry spell tolerant perennials. That makes it low-upkeep and a fine determination for xeriscaping.

Pairing With Other Colorful Plants

With its chocolaty leaves, this plant gives you a ton of decisions for playing with hues. It stands out viably from Angelina sedum on two levels, shading astute:

Be that as it may, moreover, there’s a decent difference between the two stonecrops as far as surface, Angelina’s leaves showing a fine surface by examination.

This succulent additionally looks great by blue blossoms.

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