Crassula ‘Baby’s Necklace’ Sweet little succulent with puffy leaves, green with red edges, stacked on thin stems, indeed like beads on a baby’s necklace. To only 6-12″ tall forming clumps of upright stems to 9-12″ wide adorned with small white flowers in late spring to early summer. A cross between C. rupestris and C. perforata, these do best in well-drained soil in bright light with protection from the hottest, midday sun. Should dry out some between waterings and never be allowed to sit in water. Frost hardy in USDA zone 9.

Crassula ‘Baby’s Necklace’

Crassula ‘Baby’s Necklace’ is a very drought and cold tolerant succulent plant, but be sure to protect it from harsh sunlight by providing bright, filtered light instead. For planting, use a container with well drained soil in full sunlight or an area with plenty of bright light. Water every 2 weeks and let the soil dry in-between watering. To prevent root rot, don’t let this succulent sit in cold, wet soil during winter months.

Crassula ‘Baby’s Necklace’

Scientific Name

Crassula ‘Baby’s Necklace’


Crassula ‘Baby Necklace’, Crassula ‘Klein Duimpje’

Scientific Classification

Family: Crassulaceae

Subfamily: Crassuloideae 
Genus: Crassula

Crassula ‘Baby’s Necklace’