One of the commonly asked questions is what’s the difference between an Echeveria Black Prince and an Echeveria Black Knight. First things first, the Echeveria Black Knight is not a correct name. The correct name is Affinis (Latin meaning “similar because of its similarity to Echeveria Craigiana). It is a species name which is why it sounds Latin unlike the Black Prince because that is a hybrid.

Leaf shape

The Echeveria Black Prince is a hybrid based on Echeveria Affinis and the Echeveria Shaviana. One of the ways to tell them apart is of course the leaf shape and another would be the color. Although at some conditions, they could have the same color. The Echeveria Black Knight compared to the Echeveria Black Prince, one of the ways to tell them apart is the shape of the leaves. If you would look closely, the Echeveria Black Knight has slender leaves. It starts off narrow at the base then widens off a bit then papers off gradually until reach the sharp tip. The Echeveria black Prince on the other hand starts off narrow then goes really wide, then papers abruptly to the sharp tip. An analogy is that the Echeveria Black Knight has swords or Spears based on the shape where the Echeveria Black Prince has shields to protect itself cause of the whiteness of the leaves.

Color Of Echeveria Black Knight and Echeveria Black Prince

Another way to tell them apart is from the color. Generally speaking, the Echeveria Black Knight tends to be blacker darker compared to the Echeveria Black Prince. The Echeveria Black Prince when stressed turns dark brown and eventually the more stressed it is, the less water it gets then it turns bright orange. The Echeveria Black Knight not so much.

Rosette shape

Lastly another way to tell them apart is the shape of the rosette given the same growing conditions, the Echeveria Black Knight will almost always be pointed upwards while the Echeveria Black Prince tends to be more open. This can change at various parts of the year. When it’s a lot warmer, the Echeveria Black Prince tends to curl up, a bit protect itself. Their armor is interlocked, interlinked with each other. That’s how the Echeveria Black Prince looks. The Echeveria Black Knight has no interlock so there’s a little variation with a rosette shape. The Echeveria Black Prince goes spread out and closes up.