Echeveria Chroma is an exciting variety with shiny, dark purple-bronze leaves that look almost metallic. It has the best coloring during the winter. During the summer grow it in partial shade and water regularly to keep it looking its best. Echeveria Chroma will also often display patches of variegation with sections of the leaves turning pink-gold. A popular variety to use for weddings. Crassulaceae family. Not cold hardy.

Echeveria Chroma

Echeveria ‘Chroma’: Hybrid. Lovely color and nice shaped rosette. Drought tolerant. Tender soft succulent – will not tolerate frost. Great for weddings.

Scientific Name

Echeveria ‘Chroma’

Echeveria Chroma

Scientific Classification

Family: Crassulaceae

Subfamily: Sedoideae
Tribe: Sedeae 
Subtribe: Sedinae
Genus: Echeveria

Echeveria 'Chroma'