Are you ready to repot your succulents? Make sure the soil is entirely dry so that it is easy to come off.

Once you confirm the soil is dry, follow these easy steps:

How do you repot a succulent?

Gathering Materials

Minimum requirements are:

Do not use old soil as most would be devoid of the needed soil nutrients to last the full 2 years. A good option is to prepare a garden scissor for separating the plants. Also, a trowel will be needed to move dirt around, and rearrange the plants.

How to remove succulents from the pot

This is the only tricky step.

First of all, gently grasp the succulent at the base of the stem (tugging gently whenever possible). If that is hard, you can turn over the pot and shake it until the plant drops off (remember to stand by one hand underneath to catch it when it drops).

If all fails, the final solution will be to stick a knife or scissors inside the edges of the pot, hacking away the old dirt. That way the plant will drop for sure.

How do you repot a succulent?

Tidying the succulents

Remove all excess old dirt from the plant, either by simply knocking it off or by gently kneading the soil using your fingers to loosen the texture. Keep in mind not to damage any of the roots (a few of them is okay).

How do you repot a succulent?

If you are worried about potential parasites residing in the soil, you can soak the plant in a bucket of water and rinse it off.

Beware not to inundate your succulent fully in water, just a few moments would do. This method is also useful for resolving root ball issues. Succulent species like the HensĀ and Chicks grow babies sporadically (which come with messy network of roots), and this method also help you untangle these knots and keep it more neatly presented.

Planting the Succulent

Proceed to fill 1/3 of the pot with soil, or take the distance from the roots to the plant (imagine your succulent sitting above the surface).

Then, hold the succulents securely on top of the soil.

You can proceed to fill the remainder of the empty pot space with soil, all the while holding the plant upright. Do not compact the soil when you do this (do note: we want to achieve optimal aeration here for the roots).

This becomes especially tricky if you have more than 1 plant. Here is a good trick to complete this final step for those with more than 1 plant:

  1. Stick a chopstick into the pot when the pot is 1/3 filled up.
  2. Determine the height your succulent should be and tie it up against the chopstick.
  3. Proceed to fill the soil, while holding the top of the chopstick (which is tied to the top of the succulent)

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