How to get free succulents without having to sacrifice your current succulents in some sort of propagation? This method, propagation just involves you actually going to a store that sells succulents and collect all the refuse or fallen leaves from the succulent plants. Ask if you can take them home for free.

It might feel a little weird asking. But you have to remember that most of these places, just sweep these up and throw them away. So if you can take them home and rescue them, more power to you. Some of these fallen leaves have already started rooting or sprouting succulents, because they’ve just kind of been sitting on the concrete floor with no attention.

How progagation works

Some of these collected succulents, are already well along on their way to being fully grown succulents which is pretty awesome. This is a great way to get succulents if you don’t have any to start with. Also, if you just want to experiment and you don’t want to invest in them or anything. The main principle we’re taking advantage of here is called propagation. That’s the method in which you can remove a part of the plant and that part of the plant will end up growing a whole new plant from it.

What do you need to prepare

We can actually plant or prepare succulents to continue to grow. What you’re going to need is a tray and then some soil. Try use cactus potting soil and then you can just spread the soil in about an one-inch layer just to give the roots somewhere to go. Start taking all your succulent leaves that still have small plants, or just roots and just placing them you want on the tray. Give them a little bit of space but they don’t need too much space.

Steps to propagation

If you have some succulents that are already sprouting upside-down, it’s no big deal. Just place them so the little baby succulent is pointing up and everything should be fine now. You’re gonna have everything placed and sorted and looking very nice in your tray. You’re gonna be tempted to water them. Do not water the plants. Watering them pretty early can lead to a bunch of them rotted out and died. Succulents are one of those plants that the more you neglect them, the better they seem to do and as soon as you give them any sort of tender loving care, they start to die on you immediately.

You’ll notice that some of the succulents have what used to be the actual succulent leave attached to them that are all shriveled up. Pluck the actual leaves off the very base up into what would consider the head of the succulent because you are going to bury it that deep.

You don’t have to worry about plucking off base leaves. From those spots, roots will come out and will further secure the plant from the soil. Once you get them prepped, you can pour a little bit of soil in your pot and then you bury them and fill the soil up to about where the heads are.