Echeverias are some of the really cool looking succulents, and quite popular. However, growing them is a bit tricky, as they’re prone to rot and can not withstand extreme conditions. Now, here are some tips for taking care of them :

Get familiar with growing them

Familiarity with growing cacti/succulents. It is easier to grow echeveriaswhen one already familiar with growing succulents and know the basic how-tos like using porous medium, pot with draining hole, not overwatering, and provide enough sunlight.

Know your Echeveria

Know your echeveria well. Different species might have different requirements, and sometimes some of the minute differences would matter for a healthy echeveria. Consult the grower, ask experts and search the net for specific care if need be. Also, select healthy plant to buy.

Avoid winter freeze

It is quite sensitive to this one, and once damaged, very difficult to recover.

Avoid dampness

Generally, the lower humidity the better and dampness will cause rot, much faster than other succulents.

Adequate sunlight

Just about enough sunlight. Too much sun exposure will burn while not enough will weaken echeveria. Depending on the species and age, it will require certain amount of sunlight.

Well ventilated environment

Echeverias like environment with clear aeration and a bit windy (not too much), as most of them lived in mountainous area. Dry and cold area with enough access to sunlight will make them happy.

Practise good hygiene

Avoid infections, pests and dampness by clearing dead leaves, shoots, branches and roots.


Depending on the plant’s age, some adaptation might be required when buying echeverias. Special care should be taken here, know how the plant was grown previously will help. Avoid moving plants to extremely different condition (ex; from partial shade to full sun).

Outdoor succulent

Like most other succulents, echeverias are outdoor plant. They can be grown indoor, but the growth won’t be optimal and low sunlight might promote nasty pests like mealy bugs.

Have fun

Do not be afraid to experiment. Parts of the joy of growing succulents are the experiments and trials to satisfy our curiosity. If one or two plants die, don’t feel discouraged.

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