These are important tips on how to successfully propagate succulents from leaves. First of all, choose a location where succulent can receive more than eight hours bright indirect sunlight every day. Also, ensure the succulents are protected from harsh noontime light from a distance.

How to multiply succulents by propagation

By propagating succulents from leaves, you will see trace of leaves placed flat on the soil and you will notice the tiny babies coming out from the tip of the leaves. Therefore, you are able to multiply your collections rapidly.

How to propagate succulents from leaves

Ensure tip is attached to the stem

First of all, you have to select a variety that you want to propagate. The matured leaves are faster to propagate than the immature ones. It is very important, that the tip that is attached to the stem and is intact when you snap it. As that is where the new plant is going to grow. Even though the other parts of the leaf has a break or a scratch, it will still grow new ones as long as that tip is intact. The leaves that did not grow babies ,are due to that tip was not intact. Even though a leaf has a damage on the other end, but because the tip that is attached to the stem is intact, it was able to produce baby.

Air dry the leaves

Next, it is very important that you air dry the leaves for three to five days, so that it can form new rosettes and roots before you place it on top of the soil. The colors will form a seal to prevent the leaves from absorbing the moisture from the environment and from the soil. If they are not calloused, they can absorb the moisture and rot. Do not expose them to direct sunlight at this time. Also it can cause some sunburn and damage to the leaves. When the leaves are callous and ready, you can lay them flat on a moist soil and try to keep the soil moist by misting it every two to three days.

When you are propagating succulents from leaves, you really need to practice the virtue of patience. Depending on the variety that you are going to use, some of them may take two to three months to form into an individual baby succulent. Eventually the baby succulents will grow their own roots and the mother leaves will wither and die. When that happens, you remove the dried leaf by twisting it but be careful not to damage the roots.

You can then plant them in individual containers perhaps in small shallow containers to enjoy watching them growing a little bit longer.