How to grow succulent plants very fast at your home? You can propagate succulents fast and easy using this simple trick. All you need to do is prepare a perfect potting mix for your succulent plants.

What to prepare

Firstly, prepare a special protein mix for your supplying plants. You must know how to select a container with a lot of drainage holes and you have to collect some coconut fibres. Next, you have to place the coconut fibres in the bottom of your container. You have to create a first layer with the coconut fibres.

How to prepare the potting mix

We have to prepare the special potting mix. You have to prepare a soil with 30 percentage of coco peat, 30 percentage of normal garden soil (compost) and 70 percentage of sand. Now you have to prepare the soil with the sand. You have to mix all of them thoroughly. You have to include that compost and the coco peat and the sand. These three ingredients are very important for the growth of your succulent plants. With this mix, you can achieve a very good rate of growth of your succulent plants. You have to add this potting mix as a second layer on top of the first layer which we have already prepared. Next, fill it all over the container and make the potting mix even at the top of your container.

Steps to plant the succulent

Time to plant our succulent plant right into the container. You have to dig a small hole with about one inch in depth to plant the succulent. Do note that you have to take special care in taking the succulent plant out from the previous container. Please remember to take it with all the roots in it and now you have to gently place it into the pot and then you have to cover the hole with the soil. Succulent plants do not require a lot of watering. You have to just mist the soil with a sprayer that might be enough. Over watering your plants might lead to rotting of your succulent plant so you should water them very carefully and you have to place it wherever you are getting sufficient amount of sunlight. They require a good amount of sunlight to grow as well.

Most succulent plants are easy to propagate, and have plenty of leaves for you to try out a large batch at once with little effort. You can even propagate succulents from a single leaf, although some species require a proper stem cutting.