Learning when and when not to repot your succulents is important. because timing is crucial.

Key point number one. Repot succulents after watering. The best time to repot succulents is about 6 to 8 days after watering. Number we repot on the same day that you watered your succulents. It takes about 6 to 8 days for your succulent to absorb the water in the soil. You can do an exact reverse of this technique

Succulents have depleted nutrients in soil

There are four main reasons why we need to repot or transplant our succulents. Reason number one on why we need to repot is when succulents in pots have already depleted the nutrients in the soil. Most commercial cactus oil mix would clearly indicate this. A suggestion is to change out the soil yearly or every two years depending on the size of the pot.

Repot for succulents to get better nourishment

Second reason why you want to repot is when succulents have become root bound as succulents keep growing roots. The succulents’ world gets pushed out until there is barely any soil left and what’s left in the pot are just roots. This is definitely a valid reason to repot which is so that it gets better nourishment.

When succulents grown out of the pot

Third reason which is so understandable is when our succulent arrangement has already grown out of the pot. Most arrangements would require some makeover around 12 to 16th month.

Do not repot when succulents are extremely thirsty

Fourth reason is of course aesthetics which is self-explanatory because there are a ton of better pots than the generic ones have. Succulents are weaker when they are in a period of induced drought which is what we do to them when we don’t water them. This explains why you would not want to repot them when they are extremely thirsty in fact in a prolonged induced drought. You would notice that they would sacrifice their leaves at the base and those leaves would dry out and not need water. They do this to lessen the amount of leaf surface to send water to. Do note that induced drought is still the better way to go then over watering because too much water kills them faster than them experiencing short periods of drought.

Repot when leaves are plump enough

So should you repot your succulents? Repot when the leaves are plump enough. About six to eight days after watering, you would notice that the leaves are way plumper. This is the best time to repot. Why would you want to repot while the leaves are showing good signs of hydration? It is because ideally after repotting, you wouldn’t want to water them immediately. So them being in a non thirsty state, would allow them to go ten days to two weeks without needing water after repotting since.

Not to water succulents

An important factor for success with repotting a succulent is not to water them after for eight to ten days. In seasons when temperatures are high and ten days to two weeks after in cooler months, you definitely want them to be hydrated enough for them to last another induced drought. After that repotting, please note that a newly reported succulent should stay in the shade for a good two weeks if the temperatures are going up,

Repot them in dry soil. In the process of repoting, you break some of those roots no matter how careful you are. There will always be roots breaking. Broken root tips are non calloused root tips.

Plant your succulents in dry soil

Another important reason why you should want to plant in dry soil is because you also want the plant to recover first from the stress of repotting before they can take in any kind of moisture in the soil.

You can also do the exact reverse of this process which is to repot the plant when they are really thirsty and plant it on wet soil but make sure that you do not water for two weeks. So hydrated succulent go for dry soil. Thirsty succulent go for damp soil and again either way, no watering for two weeks and placed in a spot with a moderate temperature.