Here is what you need for this project:


  1. Take the piece of burlap and lay on top of the wreath.
  2. Mold the burlap into the wreath form.
  3. Add the cactus soil. Pack the soil tight inside the wreath. Ensure that the soil is nice and tight inside the wreath.
  4. Cut off the excess burlap. But make a room to flip the wreath over.
  5. Cut out a little bit of the center.
  6. Place your back (coco fiber) on top of the soil. Hot glue the excess burlap to the coco fiber. Make short cuts in order for the burlap to lay properly. Make sure before proceed to the next step, all the glue hold on very well.

Plant your succulents:

  1. Cut the liner with a scissor. Use your fingers to move the soil around.
  2. Start with one large succulent. Pop the succulent out of its container and remove dirt on the root ball.
  3. Hold the succulent and pop it right into the hole. Use your fingers to tamp it gently.
  4. Use scissors to make another cut so that you can put the smaller succulents.
  5. Keep planting all the way round the wreath.
  6. If you want to hang it, get your wreath hanger. Slide it underneath.
  7. Use the greening pins to help keep bigger succulents in place.
  8. Take some moss, get them well and put the moss all around to cover areas of burlap that you can still see.

Plant wreath per instructions mentioned above then lay flat to water in- keep wreath on a flat surface for 1-2 weeks so succulents have time to root in and won’t fall out when you hang it up. Take wreath down and lay flat to water for good water coverage. Fertilize every 6 weeks with a cactus/succulent fertilizer.