Have you had a dying succulent? Maybe one or two or three or four or more. If the answer is yes, then these tips will definitely help you.

Learn to spot a dying succulent

Tip number one. How to save a dying succulent is to learn to spot one. The very first thing that you need to know is that early detection is the key. When some people would see that their succulents look like dying and they would start freaking out and would start going crazy with watering which only makes things worse.

So what are the early signs of a dying succulent? A dying succulent would have a darkening base. If you would look at the leaves of the plant, the upper part looks healthy but the base is showing signs of rotting. This is a telltale sign of a dying succulent. A base that’s constructing with the brown rotting color.

Locate the healthy part of the plant

Once you have identified the sick succulent, we will now proceed to tip number two on how to save a dying succulent. Locate the healthy part of the plant if you are quick enough, you will still have healthy parts to recover and usually are the leaves and the stem that look more green and healthy. Make sure to cut the stem about an inch away from the rotting section.

Make sure no sign of rot

Tip number three. After cutting, check the tip and make sure that there is no sign of rot and that the tip has a citrusy smell instead of a pungent mouldy odour. Also make sure that the tip is calloused over which is roughly two to three days after cutting and once all of these are checked it’s time to proceed to tip number four which is to plant it in a temporary pot.

Put succulents in a controlled environment

Tip number four. It is important to put a succulent in a controlled environment with no precipitation or source of moisture and no harsh sun exposure. Hence, you can put your succulent indoors if the weather condition you are staying is too hot for a recovering plant to deal with.

Propagate a dying succulent

Tip number five on how to save a dying succulent which is to pluck of the healthy leaves off of the dying plant and propagate them. A suggestion that you still try to propagate even when the leaves that look less likely to sprout roots because most of the times they still do. So aside from replanting the part of the plant that still looks healthy, propagating the leaves gives you higher chance of still getting that same succulent going.

A very important tip before watering, test all sides of your succulent soil with your moisture meter. As long as your pot still registers some moisture, postpone watering so even if it’s just shown 2 in your moisture meter, it is still overwatering to the soil. Remember the best tip to save a dying succulent is early detection and checking for moisture all over the pot.