pots & soil ~ Make sure your succulents are in a pot with a drainage hole, unglazed terracotta or plastic is best, and your soil mix has at least 50% non-organic (not brown) matter. So for example, if you buy that pre-made “succulent & cactus” soil from Home Depot or something, you’d need to mix half of it with perlite or pumice. When you water, it should drain right out the bottom of the pot. Succulents like water, they just don’t like staying wet.

sun ~ 6 hours of good light (not necessarily direct sun). Morning and afternoon sun is best, especially if you live in an arid climate. In growing zone 9B, my succulentswill burn if they get afternoon sun. Some species of succulents will not survive long-term indoors without additional air flow (like a fan blowing on them). Air circulation is important.

Observe your succulent everyday… notice how the plumpness of the leaves change, how the body stretches or stays compact… It will tell you what it wants.

When in doubt, don’t water. Death by dehydration is much slower than death by over-watering and succulents can bounce back from dehydration. It’s best to learn what a “thirsty” plant looks like so you can develop a base-line of information for care.

Lithops and other stone plants (family Aizoaceae), have special needs! They will not be treated in the same manner an echeveria or jade plant would. If you have a stone plant, research their growing cycle. They must be allowed to follow a cycle or they will eventually perish.

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