Low maintenance and hardy

Some people may tend to take terrible care of plants like my cousins. They forget to water them. They forget to bring them in when it freezes. They live in Central Texas, where it’s usually hot and dry. They also like to have plants at their office desks.

Succulents generally require less care and are hardier than most other plants at putting up with that kind of neglect and/or climate. Some of them are near zombie-like in their resilience. Personally I have had several succulents I thought were dead from drought or a freeze come back to life.

Colorful all year round

Flowers only bloom for a short season of the year, but succulents can be colorful and flower-like all year round:

Why people are obsessed with succulents?

Work well in small spaces

They are beautifully detailed even when they’re small, and they don’t tend to overgrow, which makes it possible to mix a large number of varieties in a very small space.

Why people are obsessed with succulents?

Hardy, low maintenance, colorful, evergreen, manageable growth. How not love them?

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