Why and how to plant succulents from cuttings? The most common advice you’ll get is to air dry them first but do you know that you can plant fresh cuttings directly in the soil. Yes you can. The reason why we use fresh cuttings is because we can make arrangements and when we are inspired, we can do it right away. You’ll be surprised how easy it is. In fact, it is so easy that all you have to do is plant them and leave them alone. What would make it successful is to remember what not to do.

Do not water them for two weeks and do not expose them to direct sunlight. You do not water them at this time because the tip is not yet calloused and therefore it can absorb the moisture from the soil. Imagine if you water them, then there would be too much water for them to absorb and store in their water storage cells. They can rupture and rot. You do not expose them to direct sunlight at this time also because they are not yet stable and so they can easily get sunburned.

Succulents are drought resistant plants. They survive prolonged periods of drought by altering their physical features. In this case, the leaves shrink and there are set to close up in order to prevent further water loss. When they receive in a folder, they can open up the rosette and expand their leaves in order to accommodate more water and allow some evaporation. After 2 to 3 weeks, you’ll notice some dried leaves at the bottom of the plants and that is normal. It is actually a sign that the roots started to grow.

Some of these cuttings used to be very colorful but when they do not get direct sunlight, their colors can slowly fade back to green. The same thing can happen to your colorful cuttings. When you let them root in the shade they can slowly feed back to green. When they are fully rooted or stable, you can expose them again to direct sunlight and with proper watering technique, they can become colorful again that is if your weather or your climate will allow them. Areas with higher humidity might not be able to grow colorful ones and for the overall success of your succulent planting, always remember to use well draining soil and containers with hole.