I would like to share with you about overwatered and underwatered signs on succulents and how to fix it. Some might still not present in your succulents.

Firstly for overwatered signs. Sign number one: leaves turning yellow.

Sign number two: mushy and squishy leaves

Sign number three bloated and punctured leaves

Sign number four: falling leaves succulent sleeves have small water storage cells which are filled with water. When overwatered, the water storage in its leaves will bloat causing the yellowish color. It sometimes explode and gets punctured and the damaged leaves will fall off. Those are the early signs of over watering when it has advanced the stem and root system will rot including the plant’s core by this stage. The plant is not salvageable.

Overwatering is a plant killer. It is the number one cause of death of succulents. According to research, remove all the damaged parts. It may be leaves, stems or roots. Cut it away with a clean and sharp knife leaving no trace of rot. Don’t water until it recovers. Don’t water until the leaves begin to thin or form mild wrinkles. By then, water it. Pull water at full means water should drip down the pot when watering and with longer intervals. Some kept watering intervals of five days or more depending on your locations temperature. Check the leaves before watering, then record it till you can make a good watering interval out of your record.

Now on underwatered signs. Sign number one: thin leaves

Sign number two: wrinkled leaves

Sign number three: no mushy nor falling leaves. Succulent leaves have small water storage as explained earlier. When succulents don’t have enough water supply from its root system, it will use its water reserve from its leaves, causing the leaves to thin out. In worst cases, leaves stored water will be depleted, making the leaves look very thin and wrinkled. Water the succulent daily until the wrinkles go away. Be cautious when watering as there’s a big tendency to overwater and over watering kills your succulents. Another solution is to use water therapy method. How to avoid under watering? You don’t really want to avoid it. You just want to control that leaves doesn’t get too wrinkled when leaves start to get thin. For mild wrinkles, then you know it’s time to water.